Thank You

On behalf of the Boundary Community Hospital, the Board of Trustees and staff, we would like to thank the community for passing the Supplemental Levy for the hospital.  Your generous support will fund much needed equipment that will result in benefits for everyone throughout Boundary County. In the coming months, we will share our plan for acquiring the equipment outlined in the levy information and ensure that everyone is aware of each piece as it is acquired. Thank you for recognizing the importance of quality healthcare close to home.

Elden Koon
Board of Trustees

Craig A. Johnson
Chief Executive Officer
Boundary Community Hospital

Support Our Hospital – Vote YES for the Levy

ed-entrance-with-bannerOn November 8th, please vote YES for the Boundary Community Hospital levy. Your YES vote will ensure that the local hospital can maintain its current standard of patient care while offering our community faster and better services.

Boundary County Commissioners approved the ballot measure asking voters to approve a two-year supplemental levy, as allowed by Idaho law, to generate an additional $414,000 per year for Hospital purposes for two years. If approved by a simple majority of voters, initial revenues would be realized no earlier than December, 2017. Accordingly, any voter-approved budget resources could first be utilized in the fiscal year 2017 County Budget. Cost for the levy will be $48.00 per $100,000 in real property assessed value after the homeowner exemption is applied per year for two years.

The Hospital is requesting funding for specific equipment and/or capital improvements; not just a general fund request. The funds will be spent on:

  • Upgrading the climate control system at the Hospital
  • Replacing the main fire panel for the Hospital and nursing home building
  • Upgrades to surgery including new instruments, scopes and orthopedic surgery equipment
  • New laboratory equipment for blood and virus testing to speed analysis results for faster diagnosis and treatment
  • C-Arm Portable X-Ray machine for surgery and emergency use
  • CT injector that works with the new CT scanner to produce better images

Why is this important?

As both residents and taxpayers, the Hospital Trustees fully appreciate that no one wants to pay additional taxes; we are not exceptions to that rule ourselves. Nonetheless, we recognize and believe the community has acknowledged an up-to-date, well-equipped hospital facility is essential to the health and welfare of county residents. It is vital for the local economy, and is necessary to sustain adequate medical care and to:

  • Meet government standards and codes to keep the hospital and nursing home in compliance
  • Improve quality of service
  • Address Life-Safety concerns
  • Ensure Boundary Community Hospital offers high quality, state-of-the-art care
  • Provide the equipment and facilities for specialists to offer local clinics and surgeries
  • Reduce turnaround time for test results to Physician – faster, more accurate diagnoses

for the benefit, comfort and convenience of all citizens.

Technology has changed in the past 10 years and we need to keep up. Newer equipment offers results that take less time, are more accurate and, in some cases, less expensive allowing your healthcare team to make better decisions for your care and treatment.

The Boundary County population (50% of which is over 45 according to the 2015 census) supports local health care and emergency care. As an older demographic moves into Boundary County, the more local options available to the community, the better community support will be for local businesses and the Hospital.

Capital Improvements Using Levy Dollars

The Hospital Board of Trustees is requesting $828,000 over two years. These funds will be spent as follows:

      • $100,000 Main Fire Alarm Panel Replacement
      • $250,000 Climate Control System Upgrades for the Hospital and Nursing Home Building
      • $202,000 Surgical Equipment
      • $126,000 Radiology Equipment
      • $150,000 Laboratory Equipment

Main Fire Alarm Panel Replacement – $100,000
This is a Life Safety requirement for the hospital and will be used to replace the vintage 1992 fire panel that is currently experiencing electrical issues. Parts are not readily available or no longer manufactured.

Climate Control System – $250,000
The hospital would like to upgrade the outdated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment by installing a Building Management Control System. This system will meet environmental requirements for the hospital while increasing patient comfort throughout the hospital and nursing home. Better controls and efficiencies should result in energy cost savings. In addition, Infection Control Filtering and Humidity Controls for the surgical suite would ensure more precise temperature and humidity control to meet government code compliance standards. An improved surgical suite could result in more specialists coming to Boundary County to perform surgeries.

Surgical Equipment – $202,000
For general surgery, the hospital would like to replace the endoscopy scopes and instruments with state-of-the-art equipment. These new scopes would be easier to clean for infection control and have better imaging when you need a colonoscopy, endoscopy or gastroscopy. Also, warranty and service would reduce costs for repairs. Orthopedic surgery equipment includes a new arthroscopic instrument set and a Shoulder Traction Device. With this equipment, Boundary County residents needing knee or shoulder surgery could get their procedures done here with latest, greatest technology (and follow up physical therapy can be done through hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation.)

Radiology Equipment – $126,000
The C-Arm Portable X-Ray equipment moves around the patient and can be used by the Emergency Department as well as for orthopedic surgeries. Reduced radiation dose and increased patient safety while obtaining better quality images are reasons to replace the existing equipment. In June 2016, a new 64-slice Computerized Tomography (CT) Scanner was installed at Boundary Community Hospital. In order to expand testing options, we will need to purchase a new CT Injector for simultaneous injection of saline solutions to reduce the amount of intravenous contrast used for routine studies. In addition to using it for CT angiography and detailed abdominal studies, we will be able to do small vessel imaging.

Laboratory Equipment – $150,000
New equipment required to maintain current test capabilities; however, with new technology we will be able to do faster analysis (in some cases hours vs. days faster), obtain more accurate results, with increased reliability (critical for emergency triage) while reducing tech time to set up tests and maintaining laboratory compliance with National Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute performance standards. Blood testing equipment to be purchased includes Hematology Analyzer with Five Part Auto Diff feature and automated Sedimentation Rate (Sed Rate) Analyzer that detects nonspecific inflammation in the body (common test for arthritis and infection). Equipment for bacteria and virus testing includes a Microscan and Film Array with Gastrointestinal (GI) and Respiratory (RP) Panels. This equipment tests for 20 respiratory viruses and bacteria plus 22 common gastrointestinal pathogens that cause infectious diarrhea. Results are available within hours instead of days. As an essential part of the Anti-Microbial Stewardship program, this type of advanced virus testing will help avoid over-prescription of antibiotics.