By: Tari Yourzek
Chief Nursing Officer
Boundary Community Hospital

Re·new·al an instance of resuming an activity or state after an interruption.
The replacing or repair of something that is worn out, run-down, or broken.
Many in the North have commented that this past winter has been a particularly dark one. As winter retreats and light returns to our world, one can’t help but think that Spring is on its way.

Spring is a time for renewal, growth, and expansion; we feel it in the air. Even though technically, we can do this at any time during the year (New Year’s Eve for example), it feels just right to do it as we renew the soil and plant the new season’s gardens. We seem to have that extra energy and focus to bring out our creative gifts and reach new levels of achievement, wellness, happiness and success.

Spring is truly a time to reflect within ourselves, reawaken our spirit and get a fresh start.

Here are a few ways to celebrate this season and renew:

  • Shine some sunshine on yourself. Spring is a natural time to take a deep breath and engage in overdue self-care and self-compassion. This may mean re-prioritizing what events land on your calendar and rebalancing those schedules that have gotten a little out of hand so we can take better care of ourselves and those important in our lives.
  • Find what renews you and keep doing it! For me, putting my hands in the soil and watching my seedlings grow, reminds me of the more important things in my life. If you are having trouble doing this, ask yourself the question “If tomorrow was the last day of your life, how would you live it?” If that answer doesn’t match up with the life you’re living today, it’s time to make some changes!
  • Mark the occasion. Our daily lives are so busy, that often those remarkable moments are passed by with merely a nod. This can include those commitments and goals we have made to ourselves and don’t announce to our friends because we are afraid of failure or disappointing ourselves and/or our friends later on. But in minimizing our intent, our goals and even our dreams, we rob ourselves of an important opportunity. It is important to reflect on our lives, what are we most proud of? “How many lives have I changed for the better?”
  • Re-energize your health and nutrition goals. We’ve all been told to eat right, exercise more and watch our weight – not so easy in the winter but now that the sun is out more, take advantage. Get out and walk. Do your chores with a smile and some extra enthusiasm. Play with your kids, grandkids and your pets.

Regardless, Spring’s unique energy offers us a chance to reflect and renew ourselves or even reinvent our passion for growth and recognizing the beauty that surrounds us every day; a beautiful sunrise, the return of the Osprey (one I always look forward to) that brings a smile.

I hope you will try a few of these suggestions and hopefully share some of your own with others. Take advantage of Natures’ energy to renew and revitalize your life. Happy Spring!