Mobile Ultrasound – Newest Tool in the Emergency Department

Dr. Stu Willis, Emergency Department Director, demonstrates the new Mobile Ultrasound purchased by Fry Healthcare Foundation for the Emergency Department at Boundary Community Hospital.

Dr. Stu Willis, Emergency Department Director, demonstrates the new Mobile Ultrasound purchased by Fry Healthcare Foundation for the Emergency Department at Boundary Community Hospital.

Thank you to the Fry Healthcare Foundation and their Festival of Trees for raising the funds to add a Mobile Ultrasound Machine to the Emergency Department at Boundary Community Hospital.

“This is a welcome addition to our Emergency Department toolbox,” says Hospital CEO Craig Johnson.  “As a Critical Access Hospital, we need to stay current on technology that will save the lives of the people who depend on us to provide those services.”

According to Dr. Stu Willis, Emergency Department Director, “Ultrasound devices have shrunk to the point where they are now handheld and can be used in the emergency department for easier triage, faster interventions for acute events, and better monitoring. In time sensitive emergencies you need tools like this that can be brought to the patient for faster diagnoses. For example, we can immediately see if a lung has collapsed and address the situation quickly and efficiently. Our friends and neighbors in Boundary County will benefit from having this state-of-the-art equipment available, if needed.”

Ultrasound (or “Sonography”) is a procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to show what is inside your body.  Similar to sonar used in ocean research, the ultrasound emits sound waves which pass through the body, which is 90% water. The sound waves bounce off tissues and organs and an echo is sent back to high-speed computers which use the echo to create an image. This results in a very detailed examination, which aids the physician in a diagnosis. In addition, some information is displayed using color Doppler images and includes accurate blood flow measurements. This is called color-flow Doppler. An ultrasound examination is fast, with very little discomfort. No radiation or x-rays are necessary.

“The support and generosity of the community for the Fry Healthcare Foundation directly impacts the high quality of care provided by Boundary Community Hospital,” according to Fry Healthcare President, Carol Julian. “Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s Festival of Trees such a success and giving us the opportunity to provide the hospital with this vital piece of equipment. The 2015 Festival of Trees raised over $40,000 which we are using to purchase the Mobile Ultrasound and other equipment for the Emergency and Rehabilitation Departments.”

Ask for a Bonners Ferry Appointment

Outpatient Services at Boundary Community Hospital

Did you know that diagnostic testing, specialist clinics, and rehabilitation services are available through the Outpatient Clinic at Boundary Community Hospital in Bonners Ferry? Appointments can be made by calling the specialist office directly and asking for a Bonners Ferry appointment. Here are examples of some of the tests and services you can have done at the local hospital.

Diagnostic Testing

Laboratory Tests – Boundary Community Hospital houses its own full-service, Idaho-licensed, inspected and accredited Clinical Medical Laboratory. Diagnostic laboratory testing is performed by highly-qualified, certified Medical Laboratory Scientists. They look for bacteria, parasites, and other microorganisms; analyze the chemical content of fluids; match blood for transfusions; and test for drug levels in the blood that show how a patient is responding to treatment using analyzers, all with computer integration and interlinked computer communications with other health care facilities and our reference lab. Test results are sent directly to your physician.

Diagnostic Imaging – Boundary Community Hospital has a reputation for quality and excellence in providing superb diagnostic imaging, thoughtful patient care and professional radiological interpretations. Board-certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, the experienced Radiologic Technologists manage the state-of-the-art equipment producing high quality imaging for accurate diagnoses and effective treatment. The Diagnostic Imaging Department offers a wide range of outpatient radiological services including CT (Computerized Tomography), digital mammography, bone density scanning, ultrasound, general radiology and fluoroscopy. The report of the exam will be electronically sent to your provider within 24 hours. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) exams are available every Thursday when the mobile MRI truck comes to Bonners Ferry.

Specialist Clinics

You do not have to drive to Sandpoint to see a specialist physician or have some outpatient surgeries. In partnership with specialist physicians and clinics throughout the Inland Northwest, Boundary Community Hospital offers Specialist appointments at the hospital. Heart Clinic Northwest Cardiologist Russell R. Blakely, MD has local clinic hours on Mondays each week. Sandpoint Women’s Health has local clinic hours on Tuesdays. Wednesdays, Dr. Nathan Kanning, Boundary Community Hospital’s Board Certified general surgeon, performs a wide variety of surgeries and outpatient procedures with a general focus on areas of the abdomen and their related organs including hernia repairs, biopsies, colonoscopies, and upper endoscopies. Thursdays, Dr. Michael DiBenedetto, Board Certified orthopedic surgeon has orthopedic clinic hours and performs some outpatient orthopedic surgeries such as knee arthroscopies, shoulder arthroscopies, and carpal tunnel surgery.

Rehabilitation Services

The Boundary Community Hospital Rehabilitation Department offers three therapies:  Physical, Occupational and Speech. Outpatient appointments are available Monday through Friday. High-tech equipment allows the therapists to choose the best methods and techniques to aid in your recovery.

Physical therapists help patients regain their movement, strength, coordination, and overall function after surgery or injury. Therapeutic exercise programs, gait training, coordination, and balance training are offered. They use several techniques and modalities to decrease pain and swelling and promote tissue healing. Patients visit for physical trauma or injury, arthritis, post-surgery, neurological conditions, orthopedic conditions, developmental delays, postural problems, and more. Some therapists specialize in the McKenzie technique for back and neck injuries, the Bobath/NDT method for stroke rehabilitation, and lymph edema treatment.

Occupational therapy retrains a patient who, due to illness or injury, can no longer perform routine daily activities. The occupational therapist helps patients to safely and independently perform activities of daily living such as feeding, bathing and dressing when the patient requires retraining in these basic life skills. Hand therapy for problems such as arthritis, carpal-tunnel syndrome, and injuries of the hand and wrist such as sprains or fractures are available.

The speech therapist at Boundary Community Hospital is Rob Aronow. He has a Master’s Degree and over 20 years of experience working with children and adults of all ages with speech, language, communication, cognitive and swallowing disorders. He evaluates and designs specific treatment plans to address each patient’s individual needs. These treatment plans can focus on developmental sound production, voice, comprehension skills, cognition, memory and learning as well as training and education of family and caregivers.

So next time you need laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging, specialist appointments or rehabilitation services, have it done at Boundary Community Hospital.

March 2016 Employee of the Month

March EOMJosh Smith is the March Employee of the Month at Boundary Community Hospital

Boundary Community Hospital congratulates the March Employee of the Month Josh Smith, Supply Clerk. According to Shirley Mayo, Materials Manager, “Josh demonstrates a can do attitude. He caught on quickly to Meditech when he joined us and from there he assumed his responsibilities as Supply Clerk. He has implemented many self checks for inventory control. He makes my life easier by monitoring products to be ordered. He has become a friendly face to Ward Clerks and department managers as he delivers supplies. Thank you Josh for all your help in making the hospital run smoothly.”

Behind the Scenes – Materials Management

Materials Management

Shirley Mayo and Josh Smith might be behind the scenes but they are EVERYWHERE in the hospital ensuring that the item you need is where you need it, when you need it.

Materials Management

The behind the scenes circulatory system of Boundary Community Hospital

From the moment a product comes in the door of the Receiving Department and then is used in patient care, it has been touched several times by Materials Management.

At the heart of the system, the Materials Manager is responsible for finding the best product, negotiating the best price and getting it delivered at the right time. Pumping the products through the system is the shipping and receiving department which is responsible for tracking and moving each item into location where it is ready to be used as the need arises. Everything from the new Ultrasound equipment, to personal protective equipment custom-fitted to each staff member, to infection prevention supplies, to surgical equipment, band aids, pens, and Kleenex, passes through the capable hands of this expert team.

In addition to keeping things flowing, they ensure that housekeeping closets are stocked, printer cartridges are tracked and replenished, forms and materials are printed on the Risograph, pages are laminated, and products are stocked and available throughout the hospital. Inventory control and expired product disposal fall under their expertise. Every piece of equipment is tagged with an asset label and every item is assigned a stock number and tracked in the Meditech system. Special orders are no problem, as long as you have the proper authorization and a signed requisition.

Boundary Community Hospital salutes the Materials Management Team and thanks the Department for its excellent service, attention to detail, thoroughness and care it takes of the residents, patients, employees and visitors.

February 2016 Employee of the Month

Alisa-Yount-February-EOMBoundary Community Hospital congratulates the February Employee of the Month Alisa Yount, Pharmacy Technician. According to Jed Bateman, Pharm-D, “If you could describe what the ideal co-worker would be, you would likely describe somebody just like Alisa. She is hard working, dependable, and does an excellent quality of work, always looking out for the interests of both patient and hospital. She is self-motivated and very thorough. She has brought a positive change to the work, even on those days when it would be easy not to.

Her inquisitive nature constantly drives her to find a better way to do things, or continue searching for an answer when others have given up. She is also a very caring and loyal co-worker, always trying to help those around her have a better day.”

Annual Pie Sale a Success

Thank you to everyone who donated or purchased pies to the famous Hospital Auxiliary Pie Sale on Thursday, February 11. Ninety-six pies were donated and we raised over $1,500. A special thanks to the Eagles 3522 Ladies Auxiliary and the Fry Healthcare Foundation for their generous donation of time and pies.

Over the past year, monies raised through the annual pie sale event and other fund raising by the Hospital Auxiliary have been used to purchase televisions for the Acute Care and Extended Care rooms, a Pulse Oximeter for the Emergency Room, a Table and Chair Cart for Maintenance, Aspirators for Extended Care, a freezer for the Laboratory and variable height desks for the Medical Records Department.

The Hospital Auxiliary, started in 1953 originally to assist at the Hospital, is seeking new active members to join the group. If you are interested, please come to the next meeting on March 8 at 11:30 a.m. at Chic-N-Chop. Women and men are welcome.

Behind the Scenes – February 2016

Nutrition Services

Dessert Cart prepared especially for our residents. Yummmm!

Dessert Cart prepared especially for our residents. Yummmm!

Sponsor of “Wear Red Day” at the Hospital on February 5th, is the Nutrition Services Team who are planning a special lunch in the cafeteria as well as Heart Healthy treats for employees who wear Red.

At Boundary Community Hospital we know our residents. Each of us expects to eat foods we like in our own homes; our residents and patients deserve the same. The Nutritional Services Department provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and an array of daytime and bedtime snacks to our residents in the nursing home and patients in the hospital. We also cater barbeques in the summer, full buffets on holidays, resident birthdays and other special event meals all year long. In addition, a cafeteria lunch service is available for staff, guests and families during the week. “Home Cooking” is emphasized including fresh baked rolls and desserts.

About Nutrition Services

The Health Care Team at Boundary Community Hospital Food and Nutrition Services Department consists of a Registered Dietitian, a Dietetic Technician, Certified Food Safety Cook, and Certified Food Handling Aides who provide nutritional support to residents, patients and community members. Our Dietitian provides outpatient nutritional counseling and sponsors a local diabetic education support group which meets monthly in conjunction with the Panhandle Health District.

Food safety is no accident and it is of paramount importance to this facility. All employees conform to the best sanitation practices in the food service industry to ensure the safety of the food served to our clients.

At Boundary Community Hospital we identify possible hazards that either exist now or could develop, and implement procedures to control or eliminate them. To that end, we have the Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system. The HACCP is a proactive food safety system that works to prevent food contamination, and monitors all aspects of the flow of food in our facility.
Boundary Community Hospital consistently earns superior ratings from state and federal inspectors.

Boundary Community Hospital salutes the Nutrition Services Team and thanks the Department for its excellent service, attention to detail and nutritional care it takes of the residents, patients, employees and visitors.

Find Out More

The Famous Hospital Auxiliary Pie Sale

Pie SaleThe famous Hospital Auxiliary Pie Sale will be Thursday, February 11 this year, and is in the basement of the Trinity Lutheran Church, 6784 Cody Street. You may purchase a whole pie or by the slice. The coffee pot will be on, ready to serve.

There will be sugar-free pies and gluten-free pies, as well as all of your favorites like Lemon Meringue, cream and custard, a variety of fruit, and even Huckleberry pies. It’s a good idea to come early, as you all know, the proverbial early bird gets the—well, in this case, gets to choose from the widest selection of choice pies. The Pie Sale begins at 9 a.m. and continues until all pies are gone, usually around 2 p.m.

The Hospital Auxiliary has priced the pies very reasonably. All funds raised go to support the local hospital, Boundary Community Hospital. The Hospital Auxiliary appreciates your donation of pies! Many community members bring in pies.

Come and participate, in both the bringing of pies, and the eating of pies. Call Richelle Rode, Boundary Community Hospital, for more information, (208) 267-4851.


CPM Machine Gifted to Hospital Rehab Services

The Fry Healthcare Foundation is pleased to announce that they were able to raise the funds required to purchase the Kinetec Centura Anatomical Shoulder and Elbow Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) machine for Boundary Community Hospital Rehabilitation Services. The money for the CPM Machine was pledged during the Fund-An-Item portion of the Festival of Trees Gala. “The support and generosity of the community for the Fry Healthcare Foundation directly impacts the high quality of care provided by Boundary Community Hospital,” according to Fry Healthcare President, Carol Julian. “Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s Festival of Trees such a success and giving us the opportunity to gift the hospital with this necessary piece of equipment.”

The CPM Machine provides post-operative passive range of motion rehabilitation which prevents joint stiffness, edema, soft tissue contractures and muscle atrophy. The color-coded patient set-up is anatomical, comfortable and easy; hand programmable and interchangeable for right and left use. With an estimated 25% of the Hospital’s outpatients presenting with shoulder issues, this passive range of motion machine will be a significant addition to the Rehabilitation Department.

Manager of Rehabilitation Services, Petra Timmermans, PT explains:
“In the early days of orthopedic surgery, rest and immobilization were often prescribed as the most important part of the initial healing process. Over time, ongoing research however has shown that for joints, ligaments and muscles to heal optimally, the earlier movement can be re-introduced, the better.

Early movement helps with pain control, decreases swelling, and increases the blood flow to the area, which helps with healing. The so-called “synovial fluid”, a fluid that is present inside joints and lubricates them, depends on joint movement for its production to be triggered. Surrounding soft tissue – ligaments, tendons and muscles – benefit from early gentle stretching to prevent cramping and tightening.

Those who have had a knee replacement may be familiar with a CPM machine for the knee: these simpler units are often prescribed as a home unit for the first few weeks after surgery, and provide passive, gentle, slow bending and straightening of the knee within prescribed limits. This has proven to be very effective for the early part of the rehabilitation and helps with pain control as well as regaining knee movement early on. In addition, these patients are able to start walking and actively using their muscles from day one after surgery.

At the Boundary Community Hospital Rehab Department, we also see many patients after shoulder injury or surgery. They are an estimated 25% of our caseload and we see more patients after shoulder surgery than hip and knee combined. Compared to the hip and knee, the shoulder is a very flexible joint with an immense range of movement. This allows us to do activities such as playing golf or tennis or reaching behind our back. The downside is that the shoulder is much more susceptible to injury and overuse. Because there are so many more small muscles and tendons surrounding and stabilizing the shoulder, injury or surgery often needs to be followed by a period of protection of the tissues that were damaged, to prevent further damage or tearing. One of the most common surgeries in this category is the rotator cuff repair. Though the principles and benefits of early mobilization are still true, it is at the same time crucial that the vulnerable tendons first re-attach properly before they can absorb any strain. These patients have their arm in an immobilizer and are not allowed to use their own muscles to move their arm, typically for six weeks. The only movement allowed is passive movement, performed by the therapist, two to three times per week for six weeks. Imagine how beneficial it will be to have a CPM machine that can guide the shoulder joint through all its movements, and provide slow, gentle motion on a consistent and predictable basis. Because the patient does not need to move their own muscles, this machine can be used immediately. Thanks to the Fry Healthcare Foundation and the Festival of Trees, this now has become a reality for our Rehab Department and we are extremely excited to have this state-of-the-art piece of equipment available to us.”

Fry Healthcare Foundation’s 7th Annual Golf Tournament Draws Talent and Smiles

Big smiles and good times characterized the Fry Healthcare Foundation’s 7th Annual Golf Tournament on June 12, 2015.

Fifty-four players, one moose calf, and several families of geese worked their way around 18-holes of golf at Mirror Lake Golf Course. The funds raised at the Golf Tournament will go towards the purchase of a portable ultrasound for the emergency room at Boundary Community Hospital.

Sponsors for the Golf Tournament are Rick and Janice Lozoya, Kootenai Health, Yellowstone Insurance Exchange, Idaho Forest Group, Gardiner Prime Angus Beef, Potlatch Credit Union, Pace-Kerby & Co. Inc., Columbia Bank, Kootenai River Inn, and Riverside Auto Center.

Community Title Company, Harvest Foods, Edward Jones, Safeway, Auburn Crest Hospice, Festival of Sandpoint, Sugar Plum Floral, Boardwalk Boutique, Picturesque, StoneRidge Golf Community, Twin Lakes Village, Silverwood Theme Park, Larson’s Clothing, and Henry-Griffitts donated prizes, cash, and items.

A hole-in-one at hole #8 ensured the winning of a Yamaha Side by Side, 4-Wheeler valued at $14,000 donated by Boundary Tractor Co. One drive by Boundary Community Hospital Administrator, Craig Johnson came close, but, unfortunately, nobody made the winning hole-in-one.

Tournament Winners are Travis Hinthorn and Steve Nelson, First Flight, Dick and Mike Villeli, Second Flight; and Linda Hiatt and Karen English, Third Flight.

The Golf Ball Drop, with a total of 375 balls purchased, was a crowd-pleaser. LifeFlight Network, a medical transport company, donated a Visio 55-inch Smart TV as the prize for the golf ball that rolled into, or came closest to, hole #9. Lana Hersinger is this year’s lucky winner.

Fry Healthcare Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c )3 with an elected Board of Directors whose purpose is to raise funds for equipment for the local hospital, Boundary Community Hospital. The benefits to the community are huge as new state-of-the art medical equipment and enhancements to the hospital campus continue to be funded. Over one-million dollars has been raised in its 20-year history. Donations are always accepted and always well-spent.

Plan now to participate in next year’s Golf Tournament on Friday, June 10, 2016. The Tournament is open to all. For more information about Fry Healthcare Foundation call (208) 267-6912.

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