PharmacyThe Boundary Community Hospital staff pharmacists are responsible for more than just filling prescriptions. Our staff pharmacists play a very important role in your inpatient healthcare team. In coordination with your physician and the nursing staff, the pharmacist will incorporate your medications into a comprehensive healthcare plan and follow-up with a Discharge Medication Plan upon your hospital discharge, ensuring continuity of care and a reduced risk of conflicts with other medications.

The hospital pharmacy is unique in a number of ways. Hospital pharmacists are skilled in intravenous (IV) medication therapy, pain therapy, geriatrics, purchasing decisions, drug therapy monitoring, preparing IV medication and overseeing drug administration.

The Hospital’s state-of-the-art equipment, including the Pyxis® Medication Machine help improve medication management by integrating and automating medication and supply processes to prevent medication errors, reduce inventory waste and enhance charge capture to improve safety while reducing costs.

Remember, when you are admitted to the Hospital, please provide a complete list of all medications you are taking, including supplements and over-the-counter drugs. This will help our team develop a medication regime to optimize your recovery.