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Employee Health

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(208) 267-3141 ext 4319


Monday – Thursday 7 am – 3 pm

Friday 7 am – 12 pm

Post-accident tests can be performed after hours.

The Employee Health Unit provides services for the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Non-DOT urine drug screen collection, as well as breath alcohol tests, and are performed in accordance with the applicable federal requirements.

Reasons for testing include:  

  • Pre-employment
  • Random
  • Reasonable suspicion
  • Post-accident
  • Follow up
  • Many employers require their employees to submit to drug testing both before and after being hired.  Specimens for drug screens are collected by the Boundary Community Hospital Employee Health Unit specialists and are sent out to certified laboratories for testing.  Breath alcohol tests are done in-house by our certified staff.  

Your employer should provide the paperwork required. Check-in at the Main Entrance Reception Desk (Kaniksu Street). A photo ID is required for the test.

Questions?  Call Employee Health (208) 267-3141 ext 4319

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