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Memorial Gifts and Donations

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A Guide to Giving for the Benefit of Boundary Community Hospital and the Extended Care Facility


Plan to give

There are several ways you can support the Boundary Community Hospital with tax-deductible contributions. In fact, there are numerous types of giving, which ultimately can help both the donor and the hospital. A few examples of charitable giving are listed here.


Charitable Donation

Outright gifts are tax deductible and may include cash, life insurance, securities (stocks, mutual funds, and bonds), real estate, works of art, and other items of value.


Memorial Gift

This is a donation made in remembrance of a loved one, to commemorate a special event or in honor of the care given to you or a family member.

The surviving family or individual honored will receive a letter announcing that a gift has been made by you in their name. The amount remains confidential.

One way to offer this meaningful memorial is to suggest, in the obituary, that donations in memory of loved ones be sent to the Fry Healthcare Foundation.


Planned Giving

This simple term encompasses many different forms of giving. Planned giving is a gift given for any amount, given for any purpose, which requires the assistance of a professional staff person, attorney or financial advisor to complete. It includes gifts which are carefully considered by a donor in light of estate and financial plans. Planned giving includes such giving options as wills and bequests, life insurance plans; charitable annuity trusts; charitable remainder trusts; and many others. Your attorney, financial advisor or the Director of the Foundation will answer any questions that you may have regarding planned giving.


Giving is Simple

Mail your check to Fry Healthcare Foundation, 6640 Kaniksu Street, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805.

Please make checks payable to Fry Healthcare Foundation. Your gift will be administered by the Fry Healthcare Foundation Board of Directors and will be used for the benefit of Boundary Community Hospital and the Extended Care Facility.

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