2021 Festival of Hearts Cupid’s Dessert Dash Event

COVID might keep us from gathering for our annual Festival of Hearts event, but it can’t take away the importance of continued fundraising for our small community hospital nor can it dampen our community’s giving spirit!

Raffle event to benefit Boundary Community Hospital
Tickets Available from Fry Healthcare Foundation Board Members
Jan 21 through Feb 10 – Donation $10 each

Three Grand Prizes from local Bonners Ferry businesses

25 Fabulous Desserts donated by local businesses and individuals who are well-known for their luscious confections

Raffle Drawing – February 11 at Noon

Dessert Dash Event – February 12 at 4 pm at Riverside Auto Center

Winners will be notified on the afternoon of February 11. At the event on Friday, winners will “Dash” to choose a dessert from those available.

Fry Healthcare Foundation will be raising funds in 2021 to purchase a new surgical table at a cost of over $26,000. While the current refurbished surgery table has served its purpose over the last 15 years, it limits the ability of the Boundary Community Hospital Surgery Department to meet the current needs. “We want to expand our local surgery capabilities and services for the community,” says Surgery Manager, April Bennett, MSN RN. “A new surgical table will allow our surgeons the ability to perform more complex procedures with added features like dynamic positioning and the ability to have a clear view for x-rays while performing orthopedic procedures.”

Grand Prizes donated by Kootenai River Inn, Super 1 Foods, SugarPlum Floral, Two Tones Restaurant and Hummingbird Sweets

Hummingbird Sweets is donating a treat box like this plus decorated Sugar Cookies as part of the Romance Package Grand Prize

Fabulous Dessert #1

Delectable Carrot Cake created by Jenny Fessler – a popular favorite from past Festival of Hearts Dessert Dashes.

Fabulous Dessert #2

Double Crust Lemon Pie created by Ruth Ann Wilson – a popular favorite from past Festival of Hearts Dessert Dashes. Ruth Ann is very famous locally for this sweet treat!

Fabulous Dessert #3

Peanut Butter Pie from Northwood’s Tavern – you’ll be able to get a whole pie instead of just a slice at the Tavern. Another one of our favorites from past Festival of Hearts Dessert Dashes.

Fabulous Dessert #4

Laura Anderson’s Fudge Cake – a popular favorite from past Festival of Hearts Dessert Dashes. Did we say Chocolate Fudge Cake?!? Yummm

Fabulous Dessert #5-7

RaNae Barker Super Duper Cupcakes – 3 sets of 4 cupcakes

RaNae Barker has traditionally made this very large Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cake for the Festival of Hearts but this year… She is making 3 sets of Four Super Duper Cupcakes that include a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cupcake. So three lucky winners will be able to try her baked goodies. TR says one of these Super Duper Cupcakes can feed a family of four (lol).

Fabulous Dessert #8

Alison Henslee’s Famous Carrot Cake

Alison Henslee is well known in the community for her delicious Carrot Cake. This luscious confection is one of the spectacular desserts featured in the Dessert Dash Raffle.

Fabulous Dessert #9

Something Fabulous by Glenda Poston

Glenda Poston hasn’t shared exactly what she is making for this year’s dessert dash.  Pictured the dessert she made in 2018 which brought in $1,005 at the Dessert Dash.  I’m sure this year’s fabulous dessert will be just as wonderful.

Fabulous Dessert #10

Shelby’s Signature Carrot Cake – Shelby Cowley

Shelby Cowley is creating her Signature Carrot Cake just for this event. If you’ve dined at Generations at the Hemlocks restaurant before it was sold, you may have sampled this decadent dessert.

Fabulous Dessert #11

Cheesecake – Mugsy’s Tavern & Grill

Cheesecake from Mugsy’s Tavern & Grill. How many times have you said “That looks so good, but I’m too full from dinner…?” Now you can take the whole cheesecake home and eat it all!

Fabulous Dessert #12

Caramel Apple Cheesecake – Nikki Weaver

Nikki Weaver made this spectacular Caramel Apple Cheesecake for the 2020 Festival of Hearts – it went for a record breaking $1,410. And, she is making it again, just for this event!

Fabulous Dessert #13

Carrot Cake – Soulshine Bistro

Soulful Carrot Cake from Soulshine Bistro. Always a supporter of Fry Healthcare Foundation, we appreciate their contribution of this popular Community favorite. Can we say YESSS!!! Please and Thank You?

Fabulous Dessert #14

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake – Susan Newhouse

Each year, Susan creates a spectacular dessert for the Dessert Dash that participants fight over. Photo is from her dessert in 2017. A true bakery artiste.

Fabulous Dessert #15

Strudel – Tavern at the Lodge

If you haven’t dined at Tavern at the Lodge restaurant in Dodge Peak Lodge you are missing some great cuisine with a european flare. They are creating a wonderful, flaky strudel just for our event.

Fabulous Dessert #16

Chocolate Espresso Dacquoise – Sandra Wright

President of the Hospital Auxiliary, Sandra Wright, will be creating a Chocolate Espresso Dacquoise just for our event. She says it is a gluten free french pastry that will be a decadent addition to our line up.
Photo from Cooking Illustrated.

Fabulous Dessert #17

Chocolate Mini “Heart” Attack Cheesecakes – Kelly Jelinek

Chocolate Mini “Heart” Attack Cheesecakes are being created by Kelly Jelinek. Death by chocolate and cheesecake!?!… going to Heaven with this one!
Photo from Delish.com

Fabulous Dessert #18

Lemon Mascarpone Layer Cake – Boundary Community Hospital Nutrition Services Team

Lemon Mascarpone Layer Cake created by the Nutrition Services Team at Boundary Community Hospital. The chefs at BCH make the best desserts for the nursing home residents and staff – here’s your chance to try one of their desserts.

Photo from pinterest

Fabulous Dessert #19

Something Fabulous – Two Tones Cafe

In 2019, the master chef at Two Tones Cafe created this spectacular Strawberry Torte.  They haven’t let us know exactly what they are contributing for this year’s event but we know it will be “Something Fabulous.”

Fabulous Dessert #20

Triple Layer Chocolate Cake – Sally Ansley

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate… this is a great treat for your chocolate-loving Valentine! This dessert went fast at the 2020 Festival of Hearts.

Fabulous Dessert #21

Peppermint Bark Cheesecake – Sue Hagglund

Peppermint Bark Cheesecake with Brownie Crust. Beautiful as well as delicious. You could choose to enjoy this flavorful combination created by Sue Hagglund.

Photo from thegunnysack

Fabulous Dessert #22

Lemon Blueberry Cake with Lemon Curd Cream Cheese Frosting – Alisa Yount

Alisa Yount is known for her scrumptious and stylish dishes. This dessert promises to be spectacular. We already have people asking her to make two so they can be sure to get it.

Fabulous Dessert #23

Chocolate Encased Cheesecake – Lisa Laffoon

Cheesecake encased in Chocolate created especially for the event by Lisa Laffon. What a combination, luscious cheesecake encased in chocolate – just what your valentine ordered!

Fabulous Dessert #24

Luscious Lemon Bars – Kris Nelson

Kris Nelson has created a variety of desserts for the dessert dash and this year she is creating these luscious lemon bars – a sweet and tart treat to share the love with everyone in your family!

Photo from myrecipes

Fabulous Dessert #25

Something Fabulous – Kootenai River Inn

Kootenai River Inn is contributing one of their cakes – we just don’t know which one yet.  Last year, they created a Heavenly Coconut Macadamia Nut Cake and in 2019 they contributed their legendary Tower of Chocolate Cake.  What will they make for us this year?