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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) by Appointment Only in Bonners Ferry

Available Thursdays each week 8 am to 5 pm

For more information or to make an appointment call (208) 267-3141 ext 4258

Scheduling Your MRI
Your MRI requires very little effort on your part. It’s a simple process, but preparation is essential! Typically the doctor’s office will schedule your exam for you and we will get all of the information we need from them. On the day of your exam, you will need to inform us if:

  • you are pregnant
  • you’ve ever had surgery
  • you’re on pain medication
  • you’re claustrophobic
  • you have an incident of metal to your eyes
  • you have cardiac valve replacements or a pacemaker, bone or joint replacements, or aneurysm clips

These conditions may not exclude you from having an MRI scan, but they’ll be important determining factors.

What if I am Claustrophobic?
If you know this in advance of the exam, please discuss this with your physician. He/she can prescribe an oral medication to help you relax. Follow your physician’s instructions about when to take your prescription. Even if you are claustrophobic, our technologist will work with you to help you feel at ease throughout the exam.

When you are finished with your MRI examination you may leave the department and in most cases, return to your normal activities. The Radiologic Technologist will present your scan to the Radiologist who will review your images and make a final diagnosis. The final results are sent to your referring physician who will discuss the findings with you.

Boundary Community Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging Department is 100% digital and fully integrated with Kootenai Health, Sacred Heart Medical Center, Deaconess Medical Center, Bonner General Hospital, Benewah Community Hospital and Shoshone Medical Center through The Northwest Hospital Alliance Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) so that our images and reports can be shared and viewed with other facilities and your physician. This system eliminates the use of hard copy x-rays, making faster image interpretation and more accurate diagnoses possible.

Diagnostic Imaging: MRI Brochure

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