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Behind the Scenes – February 2016

Nutrition Services

Dessert Cart prepared especially for our residents. Yummmm!
Dessert Cart prepared especially for our residents. Yummmm!

Sponsor of “Wear Red Day” at the Hospital on February 5th, is the Nutrition Services Team who are planning a special lunch in the cafeteria as well as Heart Healthy treats for employees who wear Red.

At Boundary Community Hospital we know our residents. Each of us expects to eat foods we like in our own homes; our residents and patients deserve the same. The Nutritional Services Department provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and an array of daytime and bedtime snacks to our residents in the nursing home and patients in the hospital. We also cater barbeques in the summer, full buffets on holidays, resident birthdays and other special event meals all year long. In addition, a cafeteria lunch service is available for staff, guests and families during the week. “Home Cooking” is emphasized including fresh baked rolls and desserts.

About Nutrition Services

The Health Care Team at Boundary Community Hospital Food and Nutrition Services Department consists of a Registered Dietitian, a Dietetic Technician, Certified Food Safety Cook, and Certified Food Handling Aides who provide nutritional support to residents, patients and community members. Our Dietitian provides outpatient nutritional counseling and sponsors a local diabetic education support group which meets monthly in conjunction with the Panhandle Health District.

Food safety is no accident and it is of paramount importance to this facility. All employees conform to the best sanitation practices in the food service industry to ensure the safety of the food served to our clients.

At Boundary Community Hospital we identify possible hazards that either exist now or could develop, and implement procedures to control or eliminate them. To that end, we have the Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system. The HACCP is a proactive food safety system that works to prevent food contamination, and monitors all aspects of the flow of food in our facility.
Boundary Community Hospital consistently earns superior ratings from state and federal inspectors.

Boundary Community Hospital salutes the Nutrition Services Team and thanks the Department for its excellent service, attention to detail and nutritional care it takes of the residents, patients, employees and visitors.

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