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Breast Cancer Awareness, Early Detection Day

Mayor’s Proclamation
Recognizing October 23, 2014
As Breast Cancer Awareness, Early Detection Day

Mayoral Proclamation Group

Whereas, the sad fact is that one out of eight women will have breast cancer in their lifetime; and

Whereas, early detection of breast cancer is one of the major factors in defeating cancer; and

Whereas, when breast cancer is detected early there is a marked increase in the chance of treating it successfully; and

Whereas, mammograms can sometimes detect a cancer two years earlier than physical exams; and

Whereas, we encourage women in our community to have this extremely important test performed;

Now, therefore, in recognition of breast cancer awareness, I, David K. Anderson, Mayor of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, do hereby proclaim October 23, 2014 to be “Breast Cancer Awareness, Early Detection Day” in Bonners Ferry and urge all citizens to show support.

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