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Fry Healthcare Foundation Purchases Infusion Chair

chairThe Infusion chair was chosen as the Fund-an-Item this year because it will add a great deal of comfort for patients requiring an infusion. Instead of lying in a hospital bed for extended periods of time as the infusion takes place, a patient can comfortably sit-up during the entire procedure.

Listen for the Fund-an-Item time to be announced in the middle of the Live Auction. This is a chance for everyone to participate with a contribution towards the purchase of the Infusion Chair. Levels of giving start at around $1500 and then go down to $25.00. When the number is called that is affordable to you, then raise your bid number which is on the back of the program. When checking out, your amount will be included on your check-out ticket.

The Infusion Chair has many advantages to both the patient and the medical staff.

It rises about eight inches with the touch of one button on the hand control significantly reducing staff occupational injury while tending to patients or performing procedures. The lower position provides easy access for wheelchair patients and transfers.

The hand control for patient positioning allows care givers to safely recline and raise patients without strain. It reduces staff assistance and increases efficiency by allowing patients to easily select positions most comfortable for them.

The foam in the chair is polyurethane-based and is called viscoelastic foam. It molds itself to the shape of the body providing additional comfort for patients having to sit for long periods.

The chair also comes complete with attaching head pillow and IV Pole. The detachable footrest and headrest can be adjusted according to the height of each patient. The arms move with the backrest staying parallel with the ground for optimal positioning.

The up/down movement of the chair uses a special bearing system that does not cause any position change.

The back of the chair is equipped with grips for easy positioning and a central brake allows for stabilizing the chair and locking all four casters.

This Fund-an-Item choice will be a good addition to our hospital.

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