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Outpatient Services at Boundary Community Hospital

Did you know that diagnostic testing, specialist clinics, and rehabilitation services are available through the Outpatient Clinic at Boundary Community Hospital in Bonners Ferry? Appointments can be made by calling the specialist office directly and asking for a Bonners Ferry appointment. Here are examples of some of the tests and services you can have done at the local hospital.

Diagnostic Testing

Laboratory Tests – Boundary Community Hospital houses its own full-service, Idaho-licensed, inspected and accredited Clinical Medical Laboratory. Diagnostic laboratory testing is performed by highly-qualified, certified Medical Laboratory Scientists. They look for bacteria, parasites, and other microorganisms; analyze the chemical content of fluids; match blood for transfusions; and test for drug levels in the blood that show how a patient is responding to treatment using analyzers, all with computer integration and interlinked computer communications with other health care facilities and our reference lab. Test results are sent directly to your physician.

Diagnostic Imaging – Boundary Community Hospital has a reputation for quality and excellence in providing superb diagnostic imaging, thoughtful patient care and professional radiological interpretations. Board-certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, the experienced Radiologic Technologists manage the state-of-the-art equipment producing high quality imaging for accurate diagnoses and effective treatment. The Diagnostic Imaging Department offers a wide range of outpatient radiological services including CT (Computerized Tomography), digital mammography, bone density scanning, ultrasound, general radiology and fluoroscopy. The report of the exam will be electronically sent to your provider within 24 hours. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) exams are available every Thursday when the mobile MRI truck comes to Bonners Ferry.

Specialist Clinics

You do not have to drive to Sandpoint to see a specialist physician or have some outpatient surgeries. In partnership with specialist physicians and clinics throughout the Inland Northwest, Boundary Community Hospital offers Specialist appointments at the hospital. Heart Clinic Northwest Cardiologist Russell R. Blakely, MD has local clinic hours on Mondays each week. Sandpoint Women’s Health has local clinic hours on Tuesdays. Wednesdays, Dr. Nathan Kanning, Boundary Community Hospital’s Board Certified general surgeon, performs a wide variety of surgeries and outpatient procedures with a general focus on areas of the abdomen and their related organs including hernia repairs, biopsies, colonoscopies, and upper endoscopies. Thursdays, Dr. Michael DiBenedetto, Board Certified orthopedic surgeon has orthopedic clinic hours and performs some outpatient orthopedic surgeries such as knee arthroscopies, shoulder arthroscopies, and carpal tunnel surgery.

Rehabilitation Services

The Boundary Community Hospital Rehabilitation Department offers three therapies:  Physical, Occupational and Speech. Outpatient appointments are available Monday through Friday. High-tech equipment allows the therapists to choose the best methods and techniques to aid in your recovery.

Physical therapists help patients regain their movement, strength, coordination, and overall function after surgery or injury. Therapeutic exercise programs, gait training, coordination, and balance training are offered. They use several techniques and modalities to decrease pain and swelling and promote tissue healing. Patients visit for physical trauma or injury, arthritis, post-surgery, neurological conditions, orthopedic conditions, developmental delays, postural problems, and more. Some therapists specialize in the McKenzie technique for back and neck injuries, the Bobath/NDT method for stroke rehabilitation, and lymph edema treatment.

Occupational therapy retrains a patient who, due to illness or injury, can no longer perform routine daily activities. The occupational therapist helps patients to safely and independently perform activities of daily living such as feeding, bathing and dressing when the patient requires retraining in these basic life skills. Hand therapy for problems such as arthritis, carpal-tunnel syndrome, and injuries of the hand and wrist such as sprains or fractures are available.

The speech therapist at Boundary Community Hospital is Rob Aronow. He has a Master’s Degree and over 20 years of experience working with children and adults of all ages with speech, language, communication, cognitive and swallowing disorders. He evaluates and designs specific treatment plans to address each patient’s individual needs. These treatment plans can focus on developmental sound production, voice, comprehension skills, cognition, memory and learning as well as training and education of family and caregivers.

So next time you need laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging, specialist appointments or rehabilitation services, have it done at Boundary Community Hospital.

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