Orthopedic Services in Bonners Ferry

Aging Gracefully in Boundary County – Joint Replacement Surgery; Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation; Post Surgery Inpatient & Outpatient Care; Recovery Care Management

Joint Replacement Surgery

Michael DiBenedetto, MD
Orthopedic Surgery and Clinic
Thursday @BCH
Appointments: 208-265-9817

Dr. Michael DiBenedetto is a Board Certified orthopedic surgeon who has 26 years of experience in arthroscopic and sports medicine, complete hand care, extremity trauma and fracture care, knee, hip, and shoulder joint arthroplasty and spine care.

Dr. Mike Schicker has extensive experience in joint replacement surgery of the hip, knee, and shoulder as well as orthopedic trauma and fracture repair. He performs minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques in ACL reconstruction of the knee and rotator cuff repair of the shoulder.

Dennis Dinning (far right) congratulates Shannon Rust, RN, Outpatient Surgery Manager and Orthopedic Surgeon Michael DiBenedetto, MD after the successful completion of a total knee replacement surgery in the new Surgery Suite at Boundary Community Hospital.

Orthopedic Surgery offered:

  • Total Joint Replacement (Knee, Hip, Shoulder)
  • Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopies
  • Hip Fracture Repair
  • Carpal Tunnel and Hand Surgery
  • Fracture Care

Surgery Team

The Surgery Department at Boundary Community Hospital provides elective, outpatient surgery. An upgraded surgery suite, new instruments, and an exceptional patient-centric surgical team affirms that you will receive the best care possible, right here in Bonners Ferry.

Surgery Check In Main Entrance Reception Desk (Upper level near Emergency)

The Surgery Department maintains the highest quality of safety control standards. The Surgical Staff are CPR, Advanced Cardiac Life support (ACLS) and Pediatric Life support (PALS) certified with extensive experience and expertise. Our Nurse Anesthetists provide certified, professional and valuable support to the surgical team.

Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Schedule your pre- and post-surgery physical therapy and rehabilitation with BCH Rehabilitation Department at 208-267-3141 ext. 4276.

Upon receiving a patient referral from a physician, the therapist(s) complete an evaluation and prepare a treatment plan. Progress is monitored and regular progress reports are provided to the referring physician.

Rehabilitation Therapy Services – Physical Therapy Inpatient and Outpatient

Our physical therapists help patients regain their movement, strength, coordination, and overall function after surgery or injury. We offer therapeutic exercise programs, gait training, coordination, and balance training. We also use several techniques and modalities to decrease pain and swelling and promote tissue healing. Patients visit us for physical trauma or injury, arthritis, post-surgery, neurological conditions, orthopedic conditions, developmental delays, postural problems, and more. We have therapists who are specialized and certified in the McKenzie technique for back and neck injuries, the Bobath/NDT method for stroke rehabilitation, and lymph edema treatment.

State-of-the-Art equipment allows our therapists to choose the best methods and techniques to aid in your recovery.

Recovery Care Management

Treatment does not end when you are discharged. The Boundary Community Hospital specialized Care Management team will help manage the transition from in-hospital care to in-home care. Focusing on what’s best for the patient. Everyone from the Surgery Team, your Physician, the Nurse, the Rehabilitation Therapist, and the Pharmacist create a Discharge Care Plan that evaluates the environment, resources and support to ensure that each patient has the best possible care.

Care Management at Boundary Community Hospital involves the patient, family and caregivers, as well as our professional medical staff. This patient-centered approach is designed to assist in managing medical conditions including chronic conditions and illnesses more effectively, resulting in faster recovery and lower healthcare costs.

Post Surgery Inpatient Care

The Acute Care Unit is a licensed 20-bed unit that provides twenty-four hour skilled nursing care for acute and chronic medical problems. The Special Observation Unit provides cardiac and blood pressure monitors as well as diagnostic studies. General medical and rehabilitation needs are provided in a caring, patient and family-oriented setting.

Staffed with Registered Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the Acute Care Unit is an excellent choice when nursing care and rehabilitation are required before you can go home. Bringing a person home to their community can aid in their recovery. Being close to family and friends, reduces anxiety and provides support. Care is directed by your Physician and provided by our local medical staff and Member Physicians. As an award winning facility, Boundary Community Hospital specializes in patient-centered care. A Staff Pharmacist is part of the healthcare team, providing on-site medication consultations, treatment and planning.