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The Famous Hospital Auxiliary Pie Sale

Pie SaleThe famous Hospital Auxiliary Pie Sale will be Thursday, February 11 this year, and is in the basement of the Trinity Lutheran Church, 6784 Cody Street. You may purchase a whole pie or by the slice. The coffee pot will be on, ready to serve.

There will be sugar-free pies and gluten-free pies, as well as all of your favorites like Lemon Meringue, cream and custard, a variety of fruit, and even Huckleberry pies. It’s a good idea to come early, as you all know, the proverbial early bird gets the—well, in this case, gets to choose from the widest selection of choice pies. The Pie Sale begins at 9 a.m. and continues until all pies are gone, usually around 2 p.m.

The Hospital Auxiliary has priced the pies very reasonably. All funds raised go to support the local hospital, Boundary Community Hospital. The Hospital Auxiliary appreciates your donation of pies! Many community members bring in pies.

Come and participate, in both the bringing of pies, and the eating of pies. Call Richelle Rode, Boundary Community Hospital, for more information, (208) 267-4851.


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