February 2016 Employee of the Month

Alisa-Yount-February-EOMBoundary Community Hospital congratulates the February Employee of the Month Alisa Yount, Pharmacy Technician. According to Jed Bateman, Pharm-D, “If you could describe what the ideal co-worker would be, you would likely describe somebody just like Alisa. She is hard working, dependable, and does an excellent quality of work, always looking out for the interests of both patient and hospital. She is self-motivated and very thorough. She has brought a positive change to the work, even on those days when it would be easy not to.

Her inquisitive nature constantly drives her to find a better way to do things, or continue searching for an answer when others have given up. She is also a very caring and loyal co-worker, always trying to help those around her have a better day.”