Want A Career in Healthcare?

Get your Certified Nursing Assistant certification in Bonners Ferry through North Idaho College and Boundary Community Hospital

In connection with North Idaho College (NIC), BCH offers CNA Classes at the Fry Healthcare Education Center. This Center is located on Kaniksu Street across from the main hospital. Class meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings over a 9-week period. We offer a unique classroom setting that can include guest speakers from speech, physical and occupational therapists. Students can study, listen to lectures, or use a computer to do research at the Center. There is also a skills lab where all of the students can practice their skills with a partner and our equipment. In addition to these benefits, our course also uses on-site skills learning of 40 hours with real patient experience and hands-on training.

Once a student passes our course, they qualify to take the Idaho Certification Nursing Assistant (CNA) tests. There is a skills test at Sandpoint NIC Outreach Center and then a written test at North Idaho Workforce Training Center in Post Falls, Idaho. (In order to pass this skills test, a student should practice their skills with a partner at least 8 hours after the course).

When a student passes these tests in Idaho, they can work anywhere in the state as a CNA. They can also work as a CNA in any reciprocity state* (states that accept Idaho licensure for CNAs). See list of states below:
Alabama* District of Columbia* Kentucky* Mississippi* New Mexico* Tennessee* West Virginia*
Arizona* Florida* Georgia* Missouri* North and South Carolina* Texas* Wisconsin*
Arkansas* Iowa* Louisiana* Montana* North and South Dakota* Utah* Wyoming*
Colorado* Kansas* Maine* Nebraska* Oklahoma* Virginia*

What’s Holding You Back?

CNA training can begin as early as the age of 16 and there is no age limit.

  • A high school or college diploma is not a prerequisite for either the training or the certification.
  • Graduates are work-ready.
  • BCH offers scholarships for those that qualify.
  • Non U.S. citizens eligible for a work permit may attend.

CNA Semester Schedule

We offer quarterly semester classes throughout the year. Please contact Education for more information.

Bring Your Heart to Work

at Boundary Community Hospital Certified Nursing Assistant Program

Contact Kris Patterson (208) 267-3141 ext 4312; Email kristine.p@bcch.org

That Special Touch

Sometimes all it takes is a Special Touch:

  • to encourage
  • to add support
  • to wipe a spill
  • to wash a face
  • to check your pulse
  • to calm your fear
  • to share a story
  • to help a coworker
  • even to bait a hook at the annual resident fishing outing
  • To Show You Care

The Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) at Boundary Community Hospital and Nursing Home have “That Special Touch” and it shows in their work with patients and residents, every day.