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CNA Scholarships

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Careers in Healthcare begin here.
Boundary Community Hospital is pleased to offer to the community CNA Scholarships for those that qualify. The Scholarship covers tuition, books and clinical training* with a job at the hospital upon successful completion of the course and tests.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Minimum age of 16 years old.
  • Applicant must agree to participate in an interview process, with the recipient being chosen from the list of applicants.
  • Applicant must pass pre-hire requirements, including a drug test and a background check.
  • Agree to commit to BCH a minimum of six months of employment upon completion of the class.
  • Applicant must be available to work some weekend shifts.
  • *Student MUST pay for their written and skills certification tests.


  • Day, evening, and night positions available.
  • Full time shifts work 32-40 hours per week.
  • Per Diem shifts work 0-40 hours per week as directed by their nurse manager.
  • Shift differentials given for evening, night and weekend shifts worked.

CNA’s are responsible for much of the care that loved ones receive while in the hospital. Whether your loved one is in the emergency room, the nursing facility or the clinic, CNA’s have a hand in their care. They are responsible for the well being and direct care each person receives in many ways.

On the job, they are responsible for assessing the patient’s physical and emotional needs. They report all necessary and abnormal information to the nurse and/or physician. They obtain and record vital signs, weight, accu-checks, intake, and output when needed. They ensure the patient is comfortable and repositioned while providing a clean, safe and comfortable environment. They use critical thinking to prioritize care and problems that present during each shift. They transfer patients/residents when they are in need and provide team support. They provide direct patient care that includes assistance with feeding, hygiene, dressing and exercises. They work as teams following the direction of a nurse to make sure the needs are taken care of for each individual.

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Bring Your Heart to Work

at Boundary Community Hospital Certified Nursing Assistant Program

Contact Kris Patterson (208) 267-3141 ext 4312; Email [email protected]

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