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Arm Bicycle

Come and ride the bicycle—the arm bicycle that is. Much like the bicycle you grew up with powered by legs, the arm bicycle spins by placing your hands on the pedals and pushing forward and downward. Fortunately, the pedals are located high on the bike in a comfortable position. It’s a great upper body aerobic […]

Fry Healthcare Foundation Purchases Infusion Chair

The Infusion chair was chosen as the Fund-an-Item this year because it will add a great deal of comfort for patients requiring an infusion. Instead of lying in a hospital bed for extended periods of time as the infusion takes place, a patient can comfortably sit-up during the entire procedure. Listen for the Fund-an-Item time […]

Breast Cancer Awareness, Early Detection Day

Mayor’s Proclamation Recognizing October 23, 2014 As Breast Cancer Awareness, Early Detection Day Whereas, the sad fact is that one out of eight women will have breast cancer in their lifetime; and Whereas, early detection of breast cancer is one of the major factors in defeating cancer; and Whereas, when breast cancer is detected early […]